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West loans are a bank for young and old and everyone in the middle

Many years of experience, but always with the latest. West is a bank for young and old and everyone in the middle. We have personal contact, service both business and private customers, and then we have a nose for a healthy business. Choose West if you want a bank that has control over things and thinks about extra time.

Find your payday loan online same day now

Whether you want a payday loan online same day, OakPark Financial can be your financial partner all the way. Advice on investment and loan options gives your company the best foundation for growth and development, and for the slightly larger decisions, we also like to give our opinion with. Competent financial advisors with expertise in corporate clients are ready when you need it, and our professional product-pallette offers you a simple and accessible set-up that matches the needs that may be or get in your business. We understand that time is money, so it’s about putting in place when the decision is made or the agreement concluded. At West you are not delayed by old-fashioned systems and bureaucratic processes, we are always adapted to the modern world and believe that innovation can go side by side with experience.

Get help to create a set-up for your business that is both future-proof and easy to change. You may know where you want to go with your business, but not necessarily at what pace, so it is omega that your financial set-up works all the way. We know something about the budget and the economy of business plans, and we know when it pays to invest – for you or for us. Loan money now either through a quick loan for start-up and large purchases along the way so your business can expand in line with the market.

West a modern bank

A bank is more than just payroll and a car loan. A modern bank like West offers a wealth of accounts and investment opportunities for both business and private customers, and we put together exactly your needs and desires.

Everyone can benefit from a budget account that keeps track of fixed costs so you can use the rest for fun. If you are two, a budget account can be the perfect solution as the joint account that takes care of rent, food, and other joint expenses. And of course, you both get cards and network access to the account – whether one is a customer in another bank. For the family with children, a child saving is best placed on a high-interest account, which only allows one to withdraw a limited number or once from the account. If you are a private person with freelance assignments, then it may be nice to have an extra account for payments from customers – in this way you will not have to hand over your private payroll information and can continuously transfer the money to your own account so that customers always have information for an empty account.

How to become a customer at West:

Are you a customer in another bank at the moment, but are considering whether West could be your new bank, then start by agreeing on a meeting with one of our friendly bank advisers. We would like to talk to you about your opportunities and benefits at West, and if you are looking for loan options, we would like to offer you an offer with a transfer to our bank. For a chat, we need a little information about your annual income, your annual tax as well as any existing loans or savings – based on this information we can give you specific offers on interest rates and loan options. If you choose to stay in your old bank, we are happy with the talk and will gladly provide an updated offer for a possible change of bank at a later date. Do not hold back with questions about your existing or future economy, we advise professionally and personally and always with a friendly smile.